Give Me Your Soul... Please

King Diamond
"Give Me Your Soul... Please"


Состав группы:

Produced by King Diamond, Andy La Rocque and J.T.Longoria.
Recorded at: Los Angered Recording, Gothenburg - Sweden.
Nomad Recording Studio, Dallas, TX - USA Solnasound Recordings, Sweden.
Mixed at King's House by King Diamond, Andy La Rocque.
Engineered by Andy La Rocque and J.T.Longoria, King vocals produced and recorded by J.T.Longoria.
Additional keyboards by Elias Holmlid. Mike Wead guitarparts recorded by Simon Jofhansson at Solnasound Recordings, Sweden.
Mastered at Nomad Recording Studios by Carl Long and King Diamond.
Booklet design and layout by Brian J Ames. Cover painting by Teemu Vedenoja.
Live photo by Hakon Grav. Backstage photos by Michael Johansson.

Релизы альбома:
26 июня в Северной Америке (Metal Blade Records)
29 июня в Европе (Massacre Records)